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Sandra Lock(Sand)


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I am an internationally sold and exhibited artist and designer based in the coastal town of Liverpool, in the North of England. My artwork is modern, vibrant and eclectic and often created on a mobile device. Usually my iPhone.

Sandra Lock

Floral mashupPositive spiralSpherical dreaming
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Image ID: artworks-images/LAjsalJKALSHJlasASkhak912AK.jpg
Image Size: 1200 x 1200 px

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Instructions: Customizing your personal OARTTEE is Super Easy

Choose your Model and Artwork, Click on the design button. Resize the Artwork using the + and - buttons and reposition the Artwork using your mouse. Repeat the process for the back design. You can easily replace the existing design by choosing another artwork and click on the Design button again

It is important to ensure that the artwork stays within the OARTTEE. You can clearly see the boundaries of the artwork as you resize and reposition the artwork.

When ready, click on the Size Chart arrow to determine your best fit. Choose your size carefully.

Click on the SAVE & ADD TO CART button. You can do a checkout now or order another OARTTEE.

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